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Dear Polygonians
elvisarea51 - 38 seconds ago
dear users of Polybloxia
Korupted455 7 5 minutes ago
calvy is a virus
eyede 6 17 minutes ago
roblox made fun of old roblox and people were mad
wescarmant 3 36 minutes ago
I have the second most friends on Project Polygon (By My Belief)
elvisarea51 13 1 hour ago
Keep Polygon Alive
retrofriend 1 1 hour ago
Join KoGaMa now!
MAXIMBL0X 5 1 hour ago
Im the most exicted person on planet earth!
pizzaeater6000 1 1 hour ago
am i trusted?
Korupted455 2 1 hour ago
polygon isn't dying!
RectangleMan 2 1 hour ago
People who say polygon is dying are right.
pizzaeater6000 7 1 hour ago
What happened exactly to timeblox?
OshawottAmazing 6 3 hours ago
Heres a friend bot script I made enjoy!!
shit 90 4 hours ago
calvy is a virus
sob 4 4 hours ago
retrofriend is starting to get butthurt
pizzaeater6000 2 4 hours ago
posted on windows xp
AlexIscoool 2 4 hours ago
when game back
Feoducki 2 4 hours ago
calvys a virus yall
Flameboy96 7 4 hours ago
games being added back
foid 5 4 hours ago
Roblox is a virus guys
wescarmant 2 4 hours ago